Friday, 17 July 2009

Giraffes, Ducks, Roof Gardens and The Meh Bar: A Weird Week

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get invited out to breakfast by Jaspin, to Giraffe in Marylebone.

Last time I went to a Giraffe, it was with M&D and A, and as far as I recall, it was a pretty dismal experience. Lots of kids, lukewarm food, too noisy for the olds, too hot, and slightly stressful...

This time was much, much nicer. A pleasant commute from P Rye to Bond Street, and then a wander north in the early morning sunshine to a chi-chi bit of Marylebone

You can read tikiChris' londonist review here. I have to say, I think it's pretty spot on. I had the Huevos Rancheros, having never eaten a Mexican breakfast, and while they were really yummy, they probably weren't quite as authentically spicy, greasy or gritty as I imagine a real southoftheborder brunch would be. The pancakes, however, looked amazing.

Better than all that, though, was the chance to meet another londonista. Chris was lovely; just like everyone else I've met from the londonist crew. Once again, I was left wondering why, on so many occasions, I was reluctant to join in with their regular meet-ups being nervous about meeting them in the flesh. Silly girl.

The whole breakfast, chatting to Chris, Jaspin, HC, and even the reticent boys from Itchy, was cool. So much better than my previous two work outings this week:
  • Tuesday night @ The Met Bar. Which I'm now going to call The Meh Bar. I'm just not sure what all the fuss is about. I could've been anywhere in London with slightly annoying self-important clientele; it reminded me of the bar under what was emap on Winsely Street. Was nice enough, but I got bored very quickly. I suppose I should have networked better, as I did on...
  • Wednesday night @ The Kensington Roof Gardens. Which are completely beautiful, and amazing, and lovely. One of the most incredible places in the city - whole mature trees and Italiante courtyards; ponds and bridges, waterfeatures and ducklings - all six(?) floors up. I know 100s of people probably know this already, but I found the whole place a breath of fresh air. Talking to work clients was quite hard work, but I hoped I networked well enough. Was better getting the chance to hang out with LK, HC and CD, among others.
But both evenings made me long for my non-work friends. I wish I'd been able to be with them instead of talking to clients... Roll on the wedding of the season, next weekend!

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  1. Hello there! Have you seen this? BoJo is putting branding London out to tender.

    How would you and your pals at Londonist brand the city?

    Also, Mark Morriss emailed me - he's playing a solo gig at Hoxton Bar and Grill on August 31st. I can't make it, I'm afraid, but I told him you might fancy it.