Saturday, 2 May 2009

Londonist's Slow Exposure at Ray's Jazz Cafe in Foyles

What a fab evening. Londonist's Slow Exposure event turned out to be a fantastic success.

I went with HC, who was juggling plans and man-texts like a trooper; but really, we could have both gone alone and still talked to lots and lots of people. Everyone was so friendly, it was easy to move around the room from conversation to conversation without any of the naff social awkwardness you can get at events like this.

And I finally met a bunch of people I've only previously known online. Brilliantly, they all turned out to be as lovely as the rest of the londonistas I've met to date; and those londonistas I'd already met on the pub crawl a month back are still as charming as the first time round.

Some amazing pictures, a heap of lovely people, a couple of glasses of wine, a great venue, a few "yeah, I know exactly what you mean" chats interspersed with some "I've never thought of it like that" conversations makes a good evening for me.

Sadly, time ran away from me, and I didn't get to talk to everyone I would've liked to... I guess I'll have to wait for next time.

But I consider myself a lucky girl to have the seedlings of these new friendships showing such healthy green shoots already.

Edit: Here's a nice photo gallery of pics from the evening.

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