Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Spotted: Theatre Stars Galore at the Open Air Theatre

There was a host of just-about familiar faces at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre last night.

So many, in fact, that I stuck them all in a VL blog post on the subject:
  1. Natalie Casey
  2. Desmond Barrit
  3. Nigel Cooke
  4. Clive Rowe
It's an odd mixture, isn't it? I'm sure there were far more actors in the crowd; it seems they like the Open Air Theatre. Last time we were there, watching the very brilliant Much Ado About Nothing, A and I witnessed much drunken hilarity from someone who looked very much like Su Pollard... but we couldn't be sure.

Did they enjoy Hello, Dolly! as much as my sister and I did?

I doubt it.

(You can read my pretty restrained londonist review of the show here.)

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