Thursday, 16 July 2009

Moving House: Some Lessons Learnt

  1. Never underestimate the power of drawers. They make a room tidy. Without them, despite filling a wardrobe with certain clothes, you'll still essentially be living out of a suitcase. Sadly, I can't afford these, or all my problems would be over. Although my clothes would still be in that suitcase
  2. In light of the drawers news, pack your some of your more pressing belongings thoughtfully. Otherwise you'll quickly run out of the other kind of drawers and have to unpack everything to find the rest of your clean pants stash.

  3. Something somewhere will have to be sacrificed to the god of removal companies. This is a universal truth. In our case, it's a couple of bowls. They've vanished into thin air. (Vanished, Lord Percy, not varnished.)

  4. Sometimes you have to just take cleaning to another level. When this happens, just buy Flash.

  5. Tights ladder instantly on contact with wooden floors. Who knew?

I know there's nothing cultural or city-like here, and I'm sorry. But the final lesson to be learnt is: the moment you know you're likely to be moving, start talking to your broadband provider. Then you won't be marooned, like me, for more than TWO WEEKS without the internet.

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