Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Spotted: David Suchet

When: last night
Where: in the auditorium of the Roundhouse

Actually, JC has to take the credit for this one. I was miles away, focused on whether my fiance, having been dragged to the theatre to see ("which one is it again?") Shakespearean comedy wasn't having too rubbish a time.

I shouldn't've worried. The RSC came up trumps, and JC was pretty much totally enthralled by As You Like It, despite being extremely suspicious of the title.

In the interval, while most people were being distracted by a rabbit being skinned on stage, JC spotted Mr Poirot / Suchet, with his wife, engaged in conversation with another audience member. He seemed just like he always does: very polite and a thoroughly nice bloke.

I suggested we went over and told him how much we'd loved seeing All My Sons last year. JC wasn't so sure.

It reminded me of being in the theatre behind him on another occasion, when I saw Wet Weather Cover at the Arts Theatre. Happily, last night's show was far better than that.

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