Saturday, 6 November 2010

Notes from the Rob Ryan Private View

Rob Ryan is one of my most recent "art crushes". As noted in my write-up of the private view I attended this week, my interest / investment covers a few months and various media:
I've loved Rob Ryan's intricate papercuts for a while now. Since being introduced to his work by the fantastic Domestic Sluts last year, I've made the pilgrimage to his Columbia Road shop, Ryantown, bought this skirt from clothkits, and been given a beautiful framed print for my birthday. Yes, I'm something of a fan.
It was really fun to go to the private view with JC. Sadly, the room was too full and too hot for me to say I had a great time, but I'm still really glad I went. JC says he can't decide if Mr Ryan's a zeitgeisty genius, a timeless talent or just a strange obsessive that puts skill before art. I just like the out-and-out romance of his work. And I guess I've always liked text in art.

One thing that was really interesting about the show was the chance to see Rob himself. (Sadly, your writer wasn't feeling on go-getting journo form, so didn't push through to prod him for a Londony quote as she has been know to in the past.)

From the evocative, romantic male figues in his art, I'd been expecting a pre-Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch playing-Bernard-Bligh kind of figure. Skinny in a 1930s depression-era way. Or at least like slight, and tall, and straight, like Anton du Beke preparing for a particularly traditional waltz.

But no. It turns out, Rob Ryan actually looks like a less cuddly, much hairier version of Chris' dad. Crossed with Danny Baker (GWS). With a bit of Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson thrown in. Not quite what I'd anticipated!

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Pictures show Starry Night by Rob Ryan; and Rob Ryan by Jenny Dale

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