Friday, 12 November 2010

Latest West End Theatre Casting News: Anne Marie Duff, Richard Fleeshman, Sharon D Clarke

Two lots of exciting cast news on a very busy Friday.

First up, the gorgeous Anne Marie Duff is going to star in Terence Rattigan's Cause Célèbre at the Old Vic next year. Not being a Shameless fan, I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen her in anything, on TV, film, theatre or otherwise. Nevertheless, she's got a reputation for being totally brilliant, so hopefully this'll be one of the Old Vic's successes, rather than one of their failures. Terence Rattigan, directed by Thea Sharrock (again), strong females fighting, 1930s sensibilities being tested? All sounds good to me.

And on a totally different note, the cast for Ghost: The Musical has been annouced. I've been meaning to blog about Ghost: The Musical for a few months now, but not had time. Well, here we are with some quick thoughts at least.

The good news? Sharon D Clarke is a class act, and I'd pay to see her in pretty much anything. Plus, when I met her, she was lovely. I can't think of anyone better to play the part.

And the lovers? Well, Richard Fleeshman's going to be playing Sam, and someone called Caissie Levy's playing Molly. I haven't seen Richard doing anything West Endy yet, but I hope he's good. (Still desperate to see Legally Blonde again, which he's currently starring in....) And as for Caissie, apart from the fact that her name's an overload of vowels, anyone who's been in Hair, Hairspray, Rent *and* Wicked's got to be doing something right. In fact, I think I remember her in the messy weirdness that was Hair earlier this year. (Man, it's been a lo-o-ong year...)

Looking forward to both shows, fingers crossed...

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