Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Arts Ahead 2 - 8 November

Arts Ahead rolls into November, with a heap of art, theatre and dance things opening this week.

I'm going to see Rob Ryan's new show at TAG arts on Dover Street tonight, (not something I chose to include in Arts Ahead, its bound to be too busy already...) but aside from that, and despite lots of nice invites, I have no other plans for going out.

The reason: CD is coming to stay. Wo-oh yeahhhh, the Will to my Grace returns to the capital once more, armed with an oyster card and an ever-increasing knowledge of how the London Transport system works. (It's not like this oop north, y'see. You want to go somewhere in Manchester, you just walk, he's fond of telling me. I know it's not strictly true. But I never argue with CD. Like I said, he's the Will to my Grace, I don't see him nearly enough and as far as I'm concerned he can do no wrong.)
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Photo shows:Antonio, Joanne Landis Carnegie Hall Studio, New York Times Magazine, 1967. Part of Drawing Fashion at the Design Museum

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