Friday, 25 June 2010

Theatre News: Gemma Arterton, William Shakespeare and More

Here's my week's theatre news, courtesy of the Visit London Blog.

I've seen Gemma Arterton on stage in London before.

She was in The Little Dog Laughed earlier in the year, playing a fairly mundane, flaky, 20-something girl (no stretch, to be sure), but she made a pretty good job of it.

And I read an interview with her in Stylist, which painted her as a pretty down-to-earth actress with a bit of a brain. I was kind of drawn to her, which makes a change for a Stylist interviewee.

So I'm pleased to see she's scored another acting role, this time alongside Stephen Dillane, in what sounds like a pretty interesting Ibsen play, The Master Builder, at an interesting theatre, the Almeida.

Other news to make me giddy comes in the form of the RSC's announcement about the 8-plays-in-10-weeks thingamyjig at the Roundhouse. What a company. What a venue. What an idea. What a delight.

Whenever I think about A and I getting numb bums and possible DVT and slightly delirious during a day of Shakespeare during The Histories at the Roundhouse, I feel like I have to remind myself we actually did it. And it was wonderful.

Happily, I've been offered the chance to see the two parts of Henry IV back-to-back again this summer, this time at The Globe, so looking forward to that one.
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