Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Spotted: Darius Campbell (formerly Danesh)

When: last night
Where: Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

I've spotted a fair few "faces" at Regent's Park in the past.

And while at this year's Shakespeare performance (The Comedy of Errors) there were fewer than at Hello, Dolly! last year's award-winning musical, A and I were lucky enough to spot the lovely Darius, plus bird, enjoying the summer warmth, and a fantastic show.

I wasn't around for Darius' X-pop-factor-idol TV appearances. He wasn't really on my radar when he was in the charts. But I did see him shine in that dreadful Gone With The Wind (he was the best thing about it), and A is always really nice about him, saying he's a good bloke, and v professional.

Having worked with him in the past, A was tempted to go and say hi. But he was a long way away, and we didn't really fancy interrupting his night out.

We did see him being pestered for an autograph as we left.

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