Friday, 4 September 2009

Spotted: Mark Rylance

When: last night
Where: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, one of my favourite places on earth

Mr Rylance, former artistic director of the aformentioned esteemed establishment popped up in the audience last night. I hope he enjoyed himself.

He was wearing a rather jaunty black pork-pie hat, with a white band around it. Made me worry momentarily whether he was a) Justin Timberlake or b)... but hey.

CB admitted she's had rather a crush on him since his star turn in Jerusalem. I've always thought he was pretty great; perhaps I'll get to see him on stage soon; he's in Complicite's new Beckett thing...

The show was good, not amazing. I really enjoyed the performances; I'm just not convinced the play was quite good enough. Trevor Griffiths, also in the audience last night, has created a great script, line-by-line, but I needed a bit more of a dramatic curve to keep me going over the three hours.

Then if you call your new piece "A life...", you're going yourself into to get some tricky structural problems, I guess.

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