Thursday, 20 August 2009

Home is Where the Art Is...

Turns out JC and I have actually moved to a thriving arts hub.

If you want art in London, it appears Peckham is where its at.

We might as well have picked Hoxton for our new abode, according to this article from the Evening Standard. And we know, the ES is never wrong.

It's a shame that these new and groovy and upcoming and alarmingly young artits are choosing to showcase the area from Brick Lane, then... (Next week's South East in East Festival is at the Vibe Bar in the Old Truman Brewery.)

Still, nice to know there's good news coming out of SE15 too.

And I do like Tim Burrows' sign off:
Taking in most of the London skyline from the vantage point of the car park roof, punctuated by the Gherkin, Peckham feels a million miles away from all that [meaning the City, Old Street, Curtain Road, Brick Lane et al] – and yet, right at the heart of things.


  1. Hey, I read your Londonist review of Paine - I was there last night too, thoroughly enjoyed it, and agree with your comment on Jamie Parker, he really is excellent in EVERYTHING. What an actor!

  2. Thanks so much for getting in touch - any reason why you didn't fancy leaving the comment on londonist?? :)

  3. No reason - clicked on your username, then saw your blog, and was too lazy to go back and thought I'd do it here with my Google login! Would you like me to go leave it on there too? :P

  4. Ah, I would love that! Am always looking for comment love on londonist. Rarely anticipate it over here... Too many fingers in too many blogs; and my own that gets neglected as a result...