Thursday, 26 March 2009

Spotted: Samantha Bond & Harry Enfield

When: earlier tonight, around 6.45ish (Sam); later, during the interval (Harry)
Where: the press night of Spring Awakening @ the Novello

Waiting for CB before the show, I was surprised to see quite a large number of photographers, plus a film crew, forming a funnel of meedja kerfuffle around the entrance to the Novello Theatre.

Who could they possibly be waiting for? A Girl Aloud? A Corr? A Franz Ferdinand?

Nope, a not-quite Bond girl: Samantha Bond. She spoke to the assorted press very nicely, and went on to sign not one, but three, autographs, despite looking a bit like she didn't really want to be there...

Later, during t'interval, CB's mates spotted Harry Enfield returning to his seat at the front of the dress circle. He was looking rather old, and baggy. Possibly because he was wearing a totally awful, baggy-doesn't-really-describe-it, ill-fitting sweater.

Harry: when you get older, you need your clothes to fit you better, not worse.

I wonder if they also thought the last song of the show ("Purple Summer") (for goodness' sake) was one of the most disappointing endings to a good piece of theatre ever. E.V.E.R.

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