Saturday, 28 March 2009

French Market in Venn Street, Clapham

I've lived in and around Clapham since 2004, spending more time than is strictly necessary hanging around the High Street, The Pavement, and that bit by the clock tower.

So its not often I'm pleasantly surprised by something going on on an ordinary Saturday in spring. But today's French Market was really lovely.

Possibly because of the surprise factor; possibly because of JC's and my notoriously fluctuating blood sugar levels and the potential resultant rage / stupor / tears / (delete where applicable, preferably with yr eyes closed), but in today's intermittent sunshine, this little treasure trove of stalls, food and fun was a real treat.

Not massive, but running the length of Venn Street, the stalls offered more than the tat I might've been expecting. Sweets, soap, cakes, cheese, crepes, olives, garlic, nuts and more. There was an impressive array of very expensive sausages, including some made of duck, venison and other weird and wonderful things.

We shared two tubs of yummy food, taking our pots onto the common to brave the wind and the threatening rain. The paella (not that French, I'll concede) was lovely with big bits of seafood and chicken in it, but could've been warmer; the vegetarian tartiflette, a kind of creamy potato and veggie stew (which I'd never eaten before) was delicious.

I guess, once again, I've been shown that you shouldn't take this city for granted.


  1. Never had Tartiflette? Get yourself out to the French Alps!

  2. Yeah, yeah, I know! There I was thinking, how nice can potatoes and cream and bits of veg be? Answer: very.