Thursday, 26 March 2009

Musical Excitement: Spring Awakening @ The Novello Theatre

After not really understanding about this show, particularly as we were illustrating it with some dodgy rehearsal pics on site, I'm now beside myself with excitement about tonight's press trip.

Then I read some more about it, perused the reviews, and watched Chad work himself up into a suitable lather over the show.

Yes, thanks to my former uni-and-flatmate CB, who's now lucky enough to work for SOLT, I'm tagging along as a plus one to the press night of the transfer of Spring Awakening to the West End. Hurrah.

There have been a few bad ones (Mme De Sade, Obama on My Mind, Dirty Dancing) in the last few weeks. Let's hope this is going to turn it all around...

More to come...

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