Tuesday, 12 April 2011

London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy (and in Burlington Arcade)

I love Burlington Arcade. It was the world's first shopping arcade when it opened way back in 1819, and it's now recognised as a historic and architectural masterpiece. Nevermind that it's full of ridiculous shops you'd never actually buy anything from, it's the beauty of this covered shopping street that appeals to me.

So I was happy to be able to write up a news story on them for londonist today. Sure, it's slightly crowbarred onto information about the London Original Print Fair, but that's the way these things sometimes work. And if you're not that sure about paying a tenner for the Print Fair, it's great that you can get a free taster in the area, plus the chance to pick up a free ticket, if you're lucky.

Incidentally, while I'm all for text as art (see Rob Ryan, this It's Pop It's Art print that I'm still crazy about, hey, even our wedding invites), I'm not so sure about this:

It's by Lucy Gough, and called Love And Marriage. But I'm just not sure I like it all that much. Maybe it needs to be seen at the actual size.
Read the original piece about the London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy and Burlington Arcade on londonist

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