Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spotted: Lisa Smosarski

When: earlier this evening
Where: Tom's Kitchen, Somerset House

Yes, I'm sure there were more famous faces at the launch of Tom Aikens' new restaurant, Tom's Kitchen at Somerset House this evening.

But the only one I spotted was Lisa Smosarski, editor of Stylist magazine, and one-time drinker of tea made by yours truly at Smash Hits magazine.

It was green tea. I don't think I made much of an impression. I think I might've told her I thought green tea tasted of pond water. She was one of those nodding, smiling, indulging-the-crazies people when it came to workies. And I was one of those keep talking, keep smiling harder, force-them-to-remember-how-great-you-are-to-the-point-of-crazy workies. Not a great pairing, I'm sure.

As I said, there were probably far bigger names at the launch this evening, but I wasn't in any position to spot them. Sadly, JC had a going-to-be-sick fainty moment after about three mouthfuls of his gazpacho, and so we had to leave and get an emergency cab back to Peckham and the chance to be perpendicular.

So it seems I've still, after four years, not really engaged in those free new restaurant taster meals other people who work for VL have. It's probably just as well. I just don't think food writing is my bag.

For me, food is fuel or facilitator. You're either just eating it cos you're hungry, and if you don't you'll probably faint (ohhh...) or you're out for dinner with someone getting around the fuel thing cos you actually want to talk to them about something, or needed an excuse to invite them round to yours for more than just a chat.

Hey ho. There'll be other celebs, other invites and other Michelin-starred restaurants. There aren't any other boys I need to look after in quite the same way as JC.

Image of the super-pretty Lisa from the Press Gazette 

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