Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Arts Ahead 31 August - 6 September from londonist

It's September at last!

And that means stuff is finally starting to HAPPEN again.

Much as I love-love-love the summer, there's something quite stultifying about August in London. The more the month wears on, the more it becomes apparant that nothing new is really happening, and everyone's just trying to relax while they're cranking slowly up the rollercoaster readying themselves, inch by inch, click by click for the incredible drop, the sideways spin, the whoosh and the zoom of a September stuffed with new and exciting things to do. And a stomach-churning feeling that doesn't really stop until you get to Christmas.

It's a bit like Sunday Night Syndrome, only it lasts for about half a month. Not good.

So, happily, we survived, and while this week, it's mainly about how many big West End shows are closing (how many? Seriously, it's about 20!) while the theatres ready themselves for the Next. Big. Thing.

Unless you're the Royal Court. In which case, you have the next big thing already.
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