Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Arts Ahead 7 to 13 September from londonist

I don't quite know what to think about Shoes at Sadler's Wells.

It sounded completely brilliant in its initial blurb, and then I saw a video of the show with various people singing and it rather put me off. Still, the pictures are fab, and that's why its my top pick this week. I'm looking forward to reading reviews of it tomorrow...

In the rest of this week's cultural occurences, the most exciting thing is that I'm going to see Deathtrap tomorrow with the lovely Groff-fancier, ET. I'm really looking forward to it. And desperately trying to avoid reading any reviews of it before I see it. (Damn those "second press night" tickets.)

I've also made a rare decision to turn down tickets to Bedlam at The Globe for Thursday. Sometimes there's just too much going on, and not enough vitamins in one's bloodstream. I can't help thinking that the combination of last weekend's wedding, next weekend's Go Apeing and a damp night out at the Globe in between might just scupper any "staying healthy for September" plans I might've had. I'm slightly gutted, as it means it kills any Full House ideas I had to see everything the Globe offers in one season, AND there's the small issue of it being the first play by A WOMAN ("That woman is.. a WOMAN!" etc - Shakespeare in Love) at the Globe, but sometimes your health has to come first.
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