Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Arts Ahead 24-30 August from londonist

This last week of August is becoming almost farcical in its rubbishness, culturally and meteorologically speaking.

Apart from the end of the month, and at last, a move into September and some sensibleness with a return of the government, children back in their schools and proper plays opening in the West End, there's really nothing much at all to look forward to.

And the weather is utterly, relentlessly bad.

Happily, many Hendrix fans are excited about a new exhibition at the Handel House Museum, so at least other people are looking forward to something. I guess if you're a fan, this exhibition must sound completely unmissable. It's the kind of thing that the other musicy venues, like the BME and the Hard Rock Cafe can only dream about, really.

Here's the rest of this week's culture in Arts Ahead from londonist.

Photo shows Jimi Hendrix at his flat at 23 Brook Street. Copyright Barrie Wentzell.

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