Thursday, 29 July 2010

Spotted: Ian McNeice

When: last night
Where: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

I always think it's nice when actors go to the theatre. I think it must mean they really like it.

I'm sure half the reason they're there is to be seen, too. Like journalists who need to be seen in the right places talking to the right people, actors must sometimes feel like they're constantly in an endless audition, never knowing when someone might spot them, be inspired, cast them in something wonderful and make them rich.

Anyway, Ian McNeice, who's currently appearing in Henry VIII at the Globe, was at the theatre's world premiere of Anne Boleyn last night, watching someone else play Cardinal Wolsey (Colin Hurley), which must've been weird.

The play itself was totally ace, and Hurley actually made a better Wolsey than the one I saw McNeice portray earlier in the summer...
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Photo of Ian McNeice as Cardinal Wolsey in Henry VIII by John Tramper

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