Thursday, 17 June 2010

Stephen Daldry and Danny Boyle to Direct London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies

I love Stephen Daldry. I'm fascinated by his slightly weird living arrangements.

How the same guy came up with both Billy Elliots (film and stage) and The Reader.

And I'm a fan of Danny Boyle too. I love, love, love Shallow Grave. I must admit, I've seen less of his stuff overall, but am definitely interested in him as a normal bloke who's moved from British theatre to world-conquering films with such success, and is now moving back to the stage with his directing debuting at the National Theatre this autumn.

So there's good news here then, as both of them take on leading roles at the 2012 Olympics:
Exciting news this morning: the London 2012 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies will be directed by Hollywood film makers Stephen Daldry and Danny Boyle.
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