Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Musical Excitement: Legally Blonde The Musical

Yeah, baby. On the first day back in the office (Mon) it was so nice to be offered some shiny, happy, pink, musical tickets... Legally Blonde, baby! Yay! It really made my day.

After attending the launch of Legally Blonde The Musical at Café de Paris no less, back in... wow, in October (really, that long ago?!), I have been quite excited about seeing this show.

There's skipping! And singing! (At the same time!) And Sheridan Smith! A weird thing called the Bend and Snap! And Sir Peter of Davison! And Jill Halfpenny! (Who, damnit, should really look into changing her name to something beginning with "S" for the purposes of this musical...)

And, it even got the WEWs a little bit giddy before Christmas. Remarkable.

Well, I'm excited. I haven't been to a big, new West End musical in aaages. Since Sister Act back in MAY??? (Sure, I saw Oliver-Exclamation-Mark in September, but that's hardly new, and while the sets were great, and it was all very polished and professional, it certainly wasn't terribly exciting...)

Roll on a fab, musical-filled 2010.

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