Monday, 4 January 2010

Missing Out: The Great Londoner

Tomorrow, Charlie Chaplin, The Great Londoner, opens at the London Film Museum.

The blurb calls it "An exhibition devoted to the greatest artist in the history of cinema".

Sadly, as today's press invite landed in my inbox this morning (and it closes at 5pm), I've missed the press showing, which is a shame. I think the exhibition sounds kinda fun. More blurb:
Visitors will discover exciting new insights into the life and career of Charles Chaplin, the boy from the London slums who won universal fame with his screen character of the Tramp, and went on to become a Knight of the British Empire.
Then I realised this is simply another section of the disappointing Movieum, which I've written about before. It's due to be a permanent exhibition. So just another section of the already hopelessly unwieldy beast. Let's hope it's been put together with a little more panache than the other sections I've seen.

But even on the website (which is a nice example of a badly put together website) there's confusion. At the bottom of the page about the "new exhibition" (if it's a new permanent collection, call it a bloody new permanent collection), the same thing seems to have another name:
The Charles Chaplin – Citizen of the World exhibition will be a permanent feature and entry is included in the admission price of the London Film Museum.
Quelle mix-up.

And what about the name change? Are they rebranding themselves? I have to say The London Film Museum certainly has more googlability, and makes far more sense to your passing tourist than the dreadful Movieum name.

But all these little errors and inconsistencies just make me itch. If you can't get your website right, I'm really not convinced you've got ANY of your facts straight. Maybe I'm being pernickety. But if museum curators and their website copyists aren't pernickety, then surely they're in the wrong job?


  1. Dear Zoe

    Please accept my apologies as to why your press invite didn't arrive earlier.

    We are in the process of changing over to the London Film Museum but our new website has a taken a little longer than we originally thought.

    The exhibition marks a new direction for the museum but as you can appreciate these changes can take some time.

    I would be more than happy to go over these changes with you at your convenience.


    Mark Best
    London Film Museum

  2. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for leaving a comment! I think changing the name over to the London Film Museum is a great idea, and hope that this proves a success for you guys.

    Good luck with the new Chaplin section too: you've got a difficult space to work with at County Hall, but hopefully changes in the future can get LFM up there with the big London museums on offer - where it should be!