Thursday, 7 May 2009

Musical Excitement: Sister Act

Oh, it's been a long time a'coming, this one.

In fact, I wrote about Sister Act's arrival into the West End for londonist back in November last year.

Then came the marketing juggernaut. The show's producer, a little old lady called Whoopi Goldberg (you might've heard of her), appeared on BBC Breakfast, on the Chris Moyles Show, Loose Women, the Justin Lee Collins Show, (presumably) Jonathan Ross and the One Show. She talked about Sister Act the Musical in the metrolondonlitepaper, in magazines, online.

There was launch party invite (which I missed due to a damn last-minute HP crisis).

There's been wall-to-wall (in the pre-FB meaning of the word) advertising; from Tube station hoardings to animated MPUs on our site... It's been remarkable.

Brilliantly today I was offered a couple of comps to a preview next week. On a day when work wasn't going as well as it should. Little things like this make me a very, very happy bunny.

Yay. Musicals make life better.

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