Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Musical Excitement: Obama On My Mind @ the Hen and Chickens Theatre

Very excited about tomorrow evening's entertainment.

I've got press tickets to see what's become known as The Obama Musical, or Obama: The Musical at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in Camden.

It's actually about the campaign trail from the p.o.v of an American in London, I think. You can listen to the theme toon on their site. This from The Graph:

Written and produced by the Ohio-born Teddy Hayes, The Obama Musical focuses on the personalities behind the Democratic candidate's campaign.

Songs in the show, due to receive its premiere at Barons Court Theatre next month, include Obama and Me, which is sung by an obsessive member of his team and includes the lyric: "We are a pair/like chocolate and ├ęclair".

Hayes said: "I've done a bit of work for the Obama campaign and this is a send-up of what happens behind the scenes."

Except, it seems things have changed since that report, as it ain't at Baron's Court, it's at Hen and Chickens.

As well as being intrigued about seeing a new musical, I'm also excited about finally hitting another one of London's pub theatres I've been researching recently. Review coming...

Plus, I just like the idea of someone else waking up with "Obama on my mind..."

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