Monday, 2 March 2009

02.03: Today's Moment of Zen

Time: 19.52
Place: Pulling out of Waterloo Station

I've had a really long day, and things had been pretty dissatisfying work-wise, weather-wise and so on.

Once I was finally on my way home, I spotted those brilliantly terrible AruoOOobah ads, for sunshiney beaches and beautiful people, and somehow got earwormed into needing to listen to The Beach Boys right there and then.

Happily, by the time my train pulled out of Waterloo, Surfer Girl was playing. How brilliant to be on my way home, and finally feel the proper deep intake of cleansing, relaxing breath as the rain teemed down the windows of the train, blurring the lights of the London Eye, distorting the view of an unfriendly, faceless back end of one of the city's stations, making the train tracks look like menacing slices of slick liquorice, and hear those unmistakable Californian vibes and:
I have watched you on the shore,
Standing by the oceans roar,
Do you love me, do you, surfer girl?

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