Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sadly Missed: Barbara Hepworth's Two Forms (Divided Circle) in Dulwich Park

Sculpture in Dulwich Park

When I took this snapshot back in 2010, I clearly remember thinking how lucky I was that there's such gorgeous public art right on my doorstep.

I loved the piece, and liked photographing it. The holes made me think of eyes looking into another world, framing whatever was through them, making you look through at the framed trees from a new perspective. I liked looking at it through the lense of a camera too, framing a picture of another framed picture beyond... And the title makes you think too: are they eyes, or eggs? Maybe twins? Lovers perhaps, separate but joined. Or a heart broken in two...

I caught the football moving behind, thinking it gave the image more of a hook: this is a park that's used and loved; not just a place for works of art, but a living space.

And now it's gone. It's so sad that this sculpture was stolen; I really can't imagine how the thieves must've felt getting this off the base, carrying it away, and selling it. It's something that I believe is so "valuable" and now it's gone forever, for the few pounds needed to fund someone's criminal lifestyle. It's just beyond my understanding.

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