Friday, 23 September 2011

Raindance Film Festival 28 Sept-9 Oct

It's film festival season in London.

Before the main BFI extravaganza next month, there are a few smaller, but no less exciting aperitifs and starters to get movie-loving mouths watering.

The London Spanish Film Festival kicked off a few days ago, and Raindance, London's top independent film festival starts next week.

Here's my preview post on londonist.

And here's an excellent Top 10 of Raindance to see by Ivan Radford at

Finally, here's a nice trailer for Bonsai to make you smile.

I know it's a huge, sweeping generalisation, but I love foreign films. At least, all the foreign films I've ever seen, I've enjoyed. Which probably amounts to no more than 20 full-length feature films, but the case remains. Perhaps, with it being so hard to get foreign-language films into the UK mainstream, those that tend to make it are the cream of the crop. Perhaps if I'd seen more, I'd like fewer of them.

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  1. Zoe,

    I'm guessing the news might be of interest to you: has partnered with Raindance to make "the indie-est film festival this side of Atlantic" truly mobile.

    Filmaster Mobile ( is the official companion app for Raindance (available on iPhone and Android) and it helps festival goers:
    - plan their schedule by recommending them films to watch at Raindance,
    - rate films, check-in to screenings to show their friends (on Facebook and Twitter) what you're watching,
    - connect with other film buffs and socialize while in London,
    - and win great prizes including free entry to “Lo To No Budget Filmmaking” and tickets for closing night & gala.

    The new version of Filmaster website, made public over the weekend, is a movie discovery service providing instant personalised recommendations for TV, local cinemas and all time. Raindance corner ( on the website is the central stream of activities connected with the London's festival.

    We believe it's the first partnership of this kind in UK. Last year Sundance made a similar experiment by partnering with Gowalla (a social check-in app), but as Filmaster is specifically made for film lovers, this is a much bigger news - the film and interactive worlds finally collapse!

    You can find more info about the partnership on our blog: and in Raindance newsletter.

    If you'd like to know more, I'll be happy to provide more info.

    Best regards,
    Borys Musielak (
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