Tuesday, 20 September 2011

American Bag Ladies Flock to London

It seems London is the place to be for American Bag Ladies...

This weekend, I really enjoyed reading the ES's profile on Mulberry's Emma Hill, who, despite her slightly silly photo, actually sounded like a brilliantly down-to-earth person. Now I'm more of a Radley girl myself, but I can see the lasting beauty (craftsmanship and great design) in Mulberry's gorgeous bags. And, of course, it's a great story. Local firm, done good.

And with that much-trumpeted success, it seems there are more brands out there wanting to "bag" a bit of that Kensington Church Street magic. On Monday, I find not one, but two US bag makers have set up shop in London.

Welcome to the greatest city on earth (TM):
  • Coach, who will forever be a brand being cuddled by Gwyneth in my head
  • Kate Spade, who I can't think of without NY clichés like yellow taxis and big apples coming to mind... possibly because this LLG post

Good luck to them both! We Londoners sure love our bags. I love looking at what other people have, and I love looking after my own. And maybe, just maybe, with more choice, the prices might just shrink slightly so we can all enjoy even more of them...


  1. Hi Zoe

    Many thanks for your comment today. I think what you are doing at Visit London is great!

    Speaking on American bags...I have them on my mind as well... the Proenza Schouler satchel.


    I have a Coach bag (yes, I am American) but since living in London, have switched allegiances. As much as I love the PS bag I have to say Mulberry would be my first port of call if I were looking for a new bag.

    Jeanne :)