Thursday, 23 September 2010

Spotted: Tim McMullan

When: Saturday night
Where: Novello Theatre

I'm always pleased to see actors in a theatre. Particularly when its not press night, and they're clearly there because they love what they do.

Tim McMullan, who I've seen playing the melancholy Jaques at The Globe and in Martin Crimp's The Misanthrope in the last couple of years, was in the row in front of us at the Novello on Saturday. We were seeing A Disappearing Number. (More on that to follow, I hope.)

Tim looked brilliantly unstarry. Jeans, converse trainers, and a nicely dishevelled lineny jacket. I'm guessing he was there with his wife or girlfriend, and they made a cool-looking couple.

Hope they enjoyed the show as much as me.

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