Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Arts Ahead 14 to 20 September on londonist

Great picture, right?

I'm still desperate to see another Matthew Bourne ballet after completely loving his Nutcracker! at the New Wimbledon Theatre a couple of Christmasses ago. That time, we were lucky enough to hear a Q&A with the man himself. Despite a few years of chasing, I've never been able to secure an interview with him for Visit London... Maybe one day...

Anyway, that's only the tutu on the top of what's happening in London this week. It's a packed one, and I've got two shows to look forward to.
On top of that, this week's Arts Ahead gave me the chance to link to one of my fave reviews from last year: Morecambe. Sometimes these things just write themselves. This is an example of one that did. I'm still proud of it a year later. (Ah, the small pleasures of your author.)

Maaan, I hope A Disappearing Number is good. There's so much hype about this show. And you know how I can sometimes react to hype. Fingers crossed for me, everyone.
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