Thursday, 12 August 2010

In Which I Mention Starlight Express in the Context of Work

And my birthday.

I can't help it.

If I'm to bring theatre news to the Visit London Blog every Thursday, in order to increase inbound links to theatre pages, and talk about shows we'd never have the time to write about normally, I'm going to have to, as my first-ever Italian student Franciso would say, "put a piece of my heart in the pan."

Here it is. Wrapped up in sensible updates about what's happening this week in the merry-go-round of theatrical press releases, is my birthday, my first (and probably still best) West End musical experience, my fave nearly-Dorothy and a two references to actors who I happen to find quite sexy.

Be honest: it's less messy than what Francisco was suggesting, isn't it?
Thursday Theatre News: More Henry IV, Birdsong News & the Apollo Victoria's 80th

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