Friday, 16 July 2010

Avenue Q's Closing!! (And Other, More Upbeat Theatre News)

What a sad, sad day. Avenue Q is closing.

There are so many people I've imagined taking to see this show, and getting them to love it, and fall in love with musicals and theatre and all the rest of it. And now that's not going to happen. (Although there was very little likelihood it'd happen anyway, but that's not the point. Now it definitely won't.)

Ho hum. There's always the soundtrack, which I once listened to exclusively for months on end, until it made me feel a little bit seasick. (Other soundtracks I've done this with include Wicked. My sister told me she did it with Sweeney Todd. I blame our parents letting us listen to the same Joseph tape for several years' worth of car journeys. Altogether now: "Way, way back, many centuries ago", etc.)
And here's the rest of this week's theatre news from the Visit London Blog

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