Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Arts Ahead 20-26 July on londonist

It's all a bit dance-heavy for London's cultural calendar this week.

And I could hardly find any decent art openings at all in London during the next seven days. (Feel free to argue in the comments if you know better.)

Well, I suppose that's the height of summer for you. Everything that's long running continues running until the big change around of September. So if you spot a change in the weather and want to head inside to a big blockbuster art gallery, you probably won't be seeing something brand new this week.

For me, it's Danton's Death at the National on Thursday. The joy of seeing the yummy Toby Stephens again (I've seen him in A Dolls House and The Real Thing, as well as other things), increased by the fact that Taylor James (JC's school mate) is also in the show. Fingers crossed it's a good one.

Off the beaten track (and my weekly Arts Ahead column is supposed to be firmly "on the beaten track", just to be clear), I am getting a bit fluttery about the possibility of seeing this at the weekend. Shall I go ahead and book tickets? Shall I?
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Image from Over The Edge at the Barbican

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