Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Arts Ahead 13-19 July from Londonist

Here's this week's Arts Ahead from londonist, with what I hope is a nicely balanced range of arty, dancey and theatrey things for you to choose from this week.

And me? Well, this week I'm seeing Jeff Goldblum in The Prisoner of Second Avenue AND the lovely Jamie Parker in Henry IV Part 1, and Part 2 at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Back-to-back Shakespeare comes around again.

Yup, it's a busy week. Here's Lyn Gardner from the Guardian giving people some good advice on surviving the six-hour Shakespeare slog tomorrow. (And check out the 47 fainters from a Macbeth show earlier this year mentioned in the comments - a Globe record! Can you believe it?)

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Let's hope it's good.
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Image shows Studies on Light: Twilight, 1859 by Camille Silvy. Private Collection, Paris

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