Thursday, 4 February 2010

Spotted: Clive Owen (and then some...)

When: last night
Where: Jerusalem at the Apollo Theatre

I had a fantastic time last night, in the main because JC was able to come with me for a change. And we had a great meal before we even got to the theatre.

And then there was the celeb spotting. JC was really enjoying looking around the audience, saying, "oh, that's... that's... oh, whatsisname..." And, for once, my brain kicked into gear, and I said, "Clive Owen?" and got a "Don't be ridicu... oh, it's Clive Owen," back from JC.

But Clive wasn't the only one. Sure, he might've been the biggest name there, in Hollywood terms (even though I can't stand the way he talks with the back of his mouth), but there was more than just Clive Owen in the audience at last night's masterpiece.

We also saw Felicity Kendal, Ben Miller and Nigel Planer.

Jerusalem itself was mind-blowing. There'll be more said on the topic, you mark my words...

And of course, this isn't the only time I've been in the audience with Miss Kendal recently. It seems she likes following me to shows.

The press night of Enron at the Noel Coward in the West End was one of my biggest celebrity spotting hauls to date. (Again, I reviewed it for londonist.) I'm pretty sure my friend Felicity was there, but so too were John Simm, Frank Skinner, David Dimbleby, AA Gill, Cillian Murphy, Monkee Micky Dolenz (nice hat) and Benedict Cumberbatch. Crazy, n'est pas?

Not only that, but on the same row as me were Charles Dance and Lindsay Duncan. "Charlie," as one of the ferociously annoying bright-young-things in front of me called him, was attending the after-show party. I can't speak for the others, but I'm sure they were all there.

Best of all was Rupert Goold. Sure, he'd won an award for Enron earlier that day. But did he have to arrive later than everyone else, and take his seat in the middle of a row, in the middle of the stalls, waving, air kissing, and shaking hands with everyone around him?! It was the most theatrical entrance I've ever seen a member of the audience achieve. Even counting the seemingly drunk Su Pollard at the Open Air Theatre in the summer. Pretty impressive.

It's been a surprisingly star-spangled start to the year. Long may it continue.

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