Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Reflections on Anish Kapoor @ the Royal Academy

OK, so that's just kind of a fnarr header to go with JC's clever image, but hey...

The fact is, we didn't get into Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy on Saturday. We tried buying tickets in advance online, but for some reason, the booking website was down. We headed to town anyway, with other plans if we weren't able to see the show.

The queue for buying tickets spiralled past the funky silver bubble sculpture (an image of which now adorns the walls of JC's office, I'm told. "It's a metaphor," his super-brainy boss pointed out), and nearly out of that famous courtyard altogether.

We had some fun taking photos of the cool, funky, multiple mirrored surfaces, trying to get them reflected in windows (me: little success), and trying to get us reflected *in* them (JC: better). I'm sure if we had been queuing next to the thing for as long as some of the tourists there, we'd probably have enjoyed it a lot less...

So, note to the wise: probably best to wait for a mid-week opening to see this show, rather than attempting to enjoy what is surely (from the photos I've seen and what I've read) the kind of art that needs space and NOT crowds at the weekend.

It's great that it's a popular show; it's a shame if people pay the (quite high) admission fee and enjoy it less because it's too crowded.


  1. Royal Academy of Arts13 November 2009 at 11:50

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post Zoe. Also great to hear that you enjoyed the Anish Kapoor exhibit. Apologies for the wait, we do understand alot of people are trying to see the exhibition. In the mean time if you are interested in checking up on how the wax is forming on the ceiling and walls of the RA then you can regularly check our live webcam of "Shooting into the Corner"

  2. Ah, we didn't actually make it into the show cos of the queues, but we might get organised and book ahead for some other time. Thanks for getting in touch, though!