Saturday, 6 June 2009

Spotted: John Inverdale

When: last night
Where: The Alma, one of London's greatest locals

"In The Alma," read JC's text. "Standing next to John Inverdale."

Of course they were.

So much more satisfying than our current, true "you can see it from the kitchen window" local The East Hill, The Alma is one of my favourite pubs in London. Great vibe, gorgeous central bar, lovely antiquey-feel decor, it's just an all-round lovely pub.

John Inverdale obviously thinks so too! He was standing by the bar, right next to JC, TT and AF, watching England lose the Twenty20 (damn that Broad bloke and his dodgy fielding) with a lovely looking ladyfriend. She was wearing the most magnificent red patent shoes.

We thought about texting CD so he could tell his mum, but didn't in the end.


  1. is it me, or have you got your date settings wrong? i thought we lost the Twenty20 last night, not 10ish days ago!

    or am i going mad?

  2. Nah, we lost to the Netherlands as well, I'm afraid. By 4 wickets. In the group stages...

    Last night was pretty awful too. Really wanted England to do well in this competition.

    It's up to the ladies now, of course...!

  3. ah ha. so none of the above. it's that actually, i've just not been paying the slightest bit of attention to the cricket and merely repeated something i heard on't radio this morning. lazy badger.

    i still only got this as a new post today though… yesterday the most recent was the r&j review… anyway, you're on my bookmarks!

    BM x