Sunday, 17 May 2009

Spotted: Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki

When: last night
Where: in the interval of A Doll's House at the Donmar Warehouse

It's like buses, right? I don't see anyone famous for months, and then three come along IN ONE DAY. It's nuts. That's what you get for hanging around theatreland on a Saturday, rather than being in the flat ignoring the Grand Prix, I guess.

But WHO, WHO, WHO I hear you cry, ARE THESE TWO?

Let me put you out of your misery. Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are none other than Penny and Leonard from favourite guilty-pleasure channel4 telly programme The Big Bang Theory. OMG. OMFG. I.KNOW. Etc.

That's Johnny Galecki, who I also had a crush on when it was the 90s and I used to watch Rosanne every Friday in the hope that he'd be on as David, Darlene's long-suffering boyfriend.


I went to the bar in the interval, and saw a really pretty blonde girl standing there on her own. "My goodness," I thought, "I know her. Oh, no, I don't. It's just that she looks just like Penny from the... oh, it is Penny from The Big Bang Theory. " When I realised she was waiting for someone, I did momentarily think it might be...

Then David/Leonard/Johnny walked round the corner, and I couldn't believe it. Odd who makes you feel starstruck.

They were being nice and quiet and reserved. No shouty American TV stars here: it's the Donmar afterall. Johnny was wearing a ma-hoosive blingtastic white watch though; that was screaming American TV star, even if the rest of him wasn't.

And seemed quite loved-up in a nice, stealing-quick-kisses-in-public kind of way.

Oh, did I not mention they're a couple?


  1. Oh that's cute :) but are they really a couple or just dating?

  2. Wow! I read a few things about these two possibly dating but thought they were rumors. Did they appear to be very coupley or more like friends? Both seem like very nice and down to earth people. How adorable if they are indeed seeing each other!

  3. They seemed really coupley to me: pretty much unaware there was anyone else in the room; definitely only had eyes for each other. And JG was being a real gent and looking after KC's every need. But this was May last year; there's every possibility they've split up by now!! ;)

  4. Good for kaley and johnny ... I already had some suspicions about this .. and after watching a video on youtube totally convinced me ... jaa

  5. which video on youtube?

    ...thanks for this blog Zoe, really had fun reading it btw (-;

  6. Well, not quite remember the video of youtube, but it was a time when the cameras were focusing without their knowing it, because they thought that journalists were engaged in other businesses, that video was in October or November 2009. I will describe it ... because I do not remember the link of the video.

    Johnny comes out to sign autographs and take photos with fans, then appears Kaley and approaches him and touches the man's body-guard for cover while chatting, hence the camera's focus when Kaley turns and leaves the medium Jhonny speak (I thought it was kind of upset with him). Kaley is going to take pictures and Johnny goes back to Simon and Kunal. Kaley big as ever with fans, walks and goes to Simon and Jhonny and nods and goes further back, Simon was going with the fans and Jhonny again goes where Kaley (very quiet and attentive listening to what she says). He makes a gesture as pointing to where they are going. Time after Kunal and Simon will come and clear note to warn that they are filming Johnny, Johnny is somewhat nervous and looks at the camera that recorded and player appearances there guys talk about the way we are going to go.

    I really do not remember the link but the video is on YouTube, some paparazzi said ... later I will find and put it ... sorry

    1. do you know if this is on the internet- September 2009: radio interview with Simon Helberg. Confusing. They tell him that apparently Lewis Black spilled the beans on a recent interview, about an off-screen romance between Johnny and Kaley. Simon gives a vague answer. So it's not clear what he meant...weird....

  7. they were together for july 4th in Chicago, therz a pik on some blog-BillyDec is the name of the fella yes...apparently he is Galeckis friend.
    Also on myspace there is a pik of Kaley with Johnny's doggie taken by a fan at some petstore and a few days later on flikr you can see Johnny with his doggie again a pik taken by a fan.
    Anyway at the Peopleschoice awards whoah when you watched the crowd they were whispering the whole time to each other and held hands more than once.

  8. It is known that they broke (according to Star magazine) but I heard out there who are in plans for reconciliation. A friend in LA has seen them together again.

  9. So, something new about them?

  10. I hope they are together again, they certainly looked like it at the cbs upfronts

  11. ...I thought they were done. But then, like you said, they looked like they were together at the Upfront. They even arrived in the same limo!And I don't think the limo-ride was some promotionnal thing because I think it was some kind of back-entry, there were almost no fans there.
    I guess they are Bff OR back together. You would pay me and I wouldn't hug my ex like they both did at the Upfront!

  12. @Zoe J Griffiths
    Because believe you, you saw Galecki / Cuoco kissing?, I always read things how are you, but there is not pics or something to show what happens between them exists, whether there was any romance between them.

  13. Well, here's something very interesting.
    When the news appeared on the split between JG and KC, star magazine said "someone close to them indicated that the reason why the split was because JG did not want to make public their relationship." Here's something to think about.

    Who is the insider who commented for this magazine?

    Is the same who at first reported that they were having a kiss in Farmer's Market? For all tests, it is the same person who revealed the two incidents to the magazine, which he did by order of someone, that person believe that he liked the idea of making their relationship public? I think the answer is very simple to learn.

    Kaley obviously knows how to achieve its objectives.

  14. I think this issue should be left behind. Kaley has a new boyfriend, so, I hope that Johnny Galecki can find a girl that really really loves him. I'm available ;)

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  16. Kaley definitely has a new boyfriend. He goes by "iamfrench" on Twitter and constantly posts pictures of him with Kaley (and her broken leg). It's really sweet. I think he's a keeper. I'll take Johnny off her hands.

  17. Johnny is a great guy. He just wants to live his personal life outside of the HW world, the opposite of his ex Kaley.