Wednesday, 29 April 2009

April is the Cruellest Month

It's been a long time. And now April's very nearly all over!

Turns out that being a (temporary) manager, looking for a new place to live, plus Easter and a trip to Paris making three 4-day working weeks in a row, it's been hard to find blogging time.

Culture and the City's loss has been VL's, St Pancras', East Dulwich's and the 37's gain. I've spent a lot of time on the bus that ferries a motley crew of south Londoners across a band running from west to east, and east to west between Wandsworth and Peckham Rye this month. A lot.

Ahh, the 37. What can I say. Some key points of interest along that quick-slow route include:
  1. Half Moon Lane - is this, I've been wondering, where that fab-sounding Half Moon Theatre, the kids' theatre is located? A little searching has answered my question: sadly not.
  2. A Brew Pub - not a term I'd come across before. JC pointed out this means they brew their own. (Could've guessed that really.) Interesting, though, and makes me wonder if The Florence could become part of a larger "London's Brew Pubs" feature. Particularly as after running the idea past the ever-interested(?) (mildly indulgent?) JW and SP who didn't meet it with outright derision.
  3. Something interesting looking called "Norman House" on the road opposite Brockwell Park, before the bus turns into more the Brixtony area. Must try and look into this further.
But now the process of house buying is well and truly underway, I'm not sure how often we'll need to ride all that way on the 37 any more...

However, with all the friends that remain in and around Brixton and Clapham, I guess it'll continue to be a well-worn route for some time to come...

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