Monday, 9 March 2009

Spotted: John Mackay

When: Sunday pm
Where: East Dulwich

Yes, I know. It's another "Who?" on the spotted list.

But this guy John Mackay (if indeed it was him, I think it was, he was walking like an actor) was in Six Characters and The Histories, so I feel like I know him intimately.

We were "area hunting" (note: NOT house hunting) in East Dulwich on Sunday, the rain had just started, and we were on our way home.

Of course, the appearance of an RSC actor looking all actorly on that main road (Lordship Lane?) in a bright blue puffa jacket hasn't cemented the idea that I'm ready to up sticks from the familiarity of SW4-SW12-SW18 and abandon all to live somewhere with an SE22 (ffs) postcode.

But it makes a nice Sunday spot all the same. Wonder if he's friends with Joanna Page. She told me she loved East Dulwich. Maybe, one day, I will too.

EDIT: post house-hunting on Friday, I saw him again, same blue jacket, at Peckham Rye. He defo lives around there.

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