Thursday, 5 February 2009

Last night's Lear and Rupert's Goolden Crown Slips

Rupert, Rupert, Rupert: what were you doing?

Ahh, the disappointment. I can't work out quite what the precise problem was, or what he thought he was doing...

Was the text too much? Is Rupert Goold somehow not old enough to direct a Lear? (Seems a silly thing to suggest, but...) Was it the pressure of a key capital of culture production, with a key Liverpudlian figure, in the city itself enough to send him off on an odd, odd tangent? Did he struggle to make an impact after such a great Macbeth? "Rupert Goold is the future of Shakespeare" said the Independent. Not here he isn't.

Has he never been to Liverpool?

Was he messing around with the gang in Oliver, the luvvies in Pinter, some other project while he should've been working on a masterpiece?

Maybe we'll never know.

He was at the show last night. Walked across the stage somewhat purposefully during the first interval. I couldn't help worrying he'd caught a bit of Kevin's need to be in the spotlight. Normally I see him skulking around at the back.

Oh, I need my faith reassuring. Where's the next Six Characters for me to get obsessed with, please?

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