Thursday, 15 January 2009

Spotted: Robert Lindsay, Kevin Spacey

Yes, Robert Lindsay, my original Bill from Me and My Girl(!) around 8pm, yesterday, watching Complicit at The Old Vic.

Although I can't really take the credit; it was only when JC said "there's that guy from that sitcom with Zoe Wannamaker" that I spotted him, and was able to get a point for knowing his name.

Kev was there too. I'd been instructed to look out for him by LK at work ("Watch out for Kevin Spacey air kissing those women in the audience who look like they're entirely made of bones, hairspray and fur coat", or somesuch) and true to form, he bobbed in through the door behind JC during the interval, and darted across the audience to talk conspiratorially to a guy (the writer? producer?) sitting on his own on the opposite side of the auditorium to us.

I wonder if the whole ripping up the lovely Old Vic to play in the round thing isn't just a ruse to make sure everyone can see everyone watching Kevin and pals doing their meet/greet during the break.

As he continued to weave his way around the audience JC said he'd made him feel a bit star-struck, which was nice. I'm always star-struck, so it's good to hear I'm not the only one.

We wanted to tell Kevin about the terrible ice cream available in his theatre. Organic? Gritty. Tasted like it had never been near cream in its life.

Almost as disappointing as the play - oooh! Review coming soon.

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