Monday, 26 January 2009

Spotted: Robert Glenister

When: 9.35am
Where: On the down escalator in London Bridge Station

Yes, Hustle's ugliest swindler was using the same tube station as me this morning.

I wasn't sure if he was Philip or Robert, but a little googling revealed he was the latter.

Head down, clutching what I would describe as an "attache case", but is probably one of those leather pocket document holder thingys without handles, just perfect for scripts, CVs and keeping your chest warm, with a "I'm going somewhere important, don't recognise me" expression on his face.

LK, owner of many a random crush, was jealous.


  1. he's a nice man... we chatted on the street for around 15 minutes outside the bush after i saw him in 'wrecks'.

    he's excellent in the play, which also receives high marks.

  2. Was he by any chance wearing a black leather jacket?

  3. Nah, he was quite suity and smart from the neck down. Never going to be able to iron out that face, tho...

  4. Doesn't seem to bother all these folks ;-)...

  5. What a nasty cow...maybe Zoe J Griffiths needs her face and brains ironing out.

  6. I've met Robert a couple of times and you couldn't meet a nicer man. He's always been very friendly when I've spoken to him. A genuine, all round nice guy.

    A very handsome man with piercing blue eyes.

    Ugly? No way.