Friday, 9 January 2009

David Suchet: Freedom of the City of London

Ahh. The lovely actor David Suchet (or Poirot, if you weren't sure) has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London.

Poirot joins Churchill, Princess Di and Nelson Mandela, who've all also received the privilege. Freedom of the City of London means he can
herd sheep across London Bridge
carry a drawn sword
marry in St. Paul's Cathedral
which is nice, although he's already married. Wonder if his wife's slightly miffed that he's only picked it up now?

Better still, he actually is a Londoner, and had clever things to say about it all:
We are absolutely thrilled to bits. What is wonderful is that I feel part of a 13th century City of London tradition. Being a Londoner, born in Paddington, I'm just so proud and it makes me feel that I really belong.
Best of all, we're going to see him in Complicit in the next few weeks. And I'll bring you a review of the new freeman's peformance then. Exciting.

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