Monday, 19 January 2009

Cultural Magpie: Pickings from the Guardian

News from a pre-work picking through the Grauniad brought out these two jewel-like snippets.

From Lyn Gardner:
Do make the most of Shunt while you can, because the company has had notices to quit the space in the summer.
Which seems like a real shame. I've only been there on a site tour, but it seemed like an amazing space. I must take Lyn's advice, and make the effort to get there before it's all over. Boo.

Second, this from Paul Morely who's got a problem with the future of musicals, mentions this:
Later this year we should see if Bono and the Edge can refresh the musical by tapping into a comic superhero myth. Their Spider-Man, with director Julie Taymor, might yet drag the musical into the 21st century...
Ooh, do you think they'll get The Bubble to sing the theme toon?

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