Saturday, 15 November 2008

Spotted: Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker: going up the escalator in Clapham Junction Debenhams, looking grumpy.

Is grumpy his default face setting? I know he does "professional" grumpy, but I was surprised to see him free-time grumpy too. I mean, it was quite a nice day today; not too crowded in the shops, not raining, quite mild, what did he have to be pissed off about?

I only managed my now customary sustained eye contact, which seems to be the best I can do when caught unawares by "celebrity" (see Mark Owen; lucky Gina McKee got slightly more than me gawping). Charlie saw me looking, looked back. C'est tout.

Wish I'd managed a knowing wink.

The rest of the (unsuccessful) shopping trip, I couldn't help penning lines of this weeks' column for him in that tone. "Shopping sucks; what makes it worse is when you bump into odd people who think they know you because they read what you write. Every week." Etc.

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